Who We Are. 

Studio E is an amazing fitness and well-being partnership offering mobile services and dedicated group fitness classes in a variety of locations stretching from Vancouver to Battle Ground to Kalama – bringing community wherever we are.  Our passion is to provide an all-encompassing, holistic and natural approach to self-care through multiple offerings.

We Make You Look, Feel, and Perform Your Very Best!

Being mobile gives us many more options that allow us to deliver a personal approach to your individual needs.  No matter where we meet, we believe in creating an encouraging environment in order to always give you the attention you deserve.

We offer group fitness classes for all levels, personal training, weight loss and support; nutrition consultation, metabolic testing, 30 or 90-day fitness programs, fitness challenges, educational workshops and classes, and a variety of special events and offerings that focus on a natural approach to self-care.   

Who I am:  Peggy, owner and operator of Studio E Fitness. I am a licensed Zumba instructor and a PoundFit Pro. I have an extensive dance background and have always enjoyed all types of sports and fitness.  When I hit my 40’s, I got fat, lazy and out of breath.  I wasn’t willing to settle for that for long… decided to get things under control… lost 40 pounds and started moving again.  I ran 2 half marathons and was training for a full marathon when I got injured and was not able to run but was able to do Zumba…  next thing I knew, I was licensed and ready to teach, thinking I would teach a class at my church or something… then BOOM – the dream became a reality… and I went from being a full time office manager to being self-employed - teaching fitness classes  for a living… all at the great age of 45.  Four years later, Studio E has grown into an amazing partnership of like-minded fitness and well-being professionals serving the community with exercise, education and support so folks can take control of their own well-being in a natural and holistic way!!!   Talk about dreams coming true...and it's just the beginning.. there is so much more to come!   It’s never too late to take charge of our health!   I currently teach 11 classes a week and my purpose is to help others find their way to getting healthy and staying fit! 

You are important. 

Your health and well-being are priceless.  How can WE help YOU? 

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